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Are you looking for interesting pieces with a hand-forged and rustic appeal?  I love interesting stones, from turquoise to opals, amethyst to unusual and rare stones.  My rustic jewelry pieces have a whimsical appeal and I can work with you to create one of a kind jewelry to suit your design choices!

My Background


  • My education is in Archaeology and Anthropology and you can see this in my jewelry work.  I create pieces with an "Unearthed" appeal to it; I put my modern twist on rustic jewelry that looks as if it was recently excavated from some ancient site!

My Promise


  • I treat my clients with the honesty and respect they deserve. I pride myself on the quality of my jewelry and want clients to feel the same pride when wearing a piece that I create. I hope you will enjoy my jewelry for many years to come.

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Amanda Brittin

(905) 251-9849